Rutger Muller Composer / Designer
Photo: Paul Caron | Intro in Situ, Maastricht | download high quality (2.5MB)

I'm an electroacoustic composer and interaction designer interested in mystic, ritual and spiritual sound. I focus on the intricacies of timbre, acoustics and spatiality to construct "soundspaces" from elements of ancient/classical music, ambient, techno, free improvisation, nature and architecture. By shaping a semi-abstract sound, I want to transcend the drama of emotion, reach beyond it, towards the patterns and noises of consciousness (the micro cosmos), outer space (the macro cosmos) and nature. Through electro-acoustic sound design and collaborations with avant-garde instrumentalists, I aim to shed new light on the spiritual (minimalist) essence of musical cultures — and to investigate how to make sense of this in our hectic (digital) culture. The results are often more mystic than abstract; on the edge between tranquil and uncanny.

Footage: Konstantin Guz | Winternights, AINSI, Maastricht | download high quality (2MB)

Technology isn't an end-goal for me, but it offers tools explore (cross-) cultural wisdom. Techniques such as blending instrument timbres, applying non-western tunings and playing with acoustics help me to bridge the uncanny valley of unrealistic electronic instrumentation. I've been continuously investigating how collaborations with other arts — such as game design, lights and architecture — can connect composers, performers, venues and audiences in more profound and sustainable ways. See for example my Thresholder project.

Rutger Muller Ensemble

Josephine Bode, Wen Chin Fu, and Rutger Muller roam around in the mystic grey zone between meditative and uncanny sound. By using improvisation, live sound processing, unorthodox instrumental techniques, historical references, and theatrical elements, the ensemble's compositions and performances are ever evolving, and thus a continuous opposition to time-space duality.

Footage: Michiel Gardner | Collage: Rutger Muller | download high quality (19MB)

Josephine Bode (Mazamet, France / Born: 1982, Oldenburg, Germany) plays a wide range of recorders (woodwinds), the EWI (electronic wind instrument) and the Bulgarian Kaval. She founded Axolot, a recorder trio that mixes authentic Renaissance music, contemporary classical music and music theatre. Furthermore, Bode plays in progressive pop band Jerboah and electronic duo The Kewis. She also's a dancer, singer and a music theatre director. Bode holds a BA in Classical Recorder (Conservatorium van Amsterdam, 2008) and an MA in Modern Music Theatre (Royal Conservatoire The Hague, 2012).

Wen Chin Fu (Leiden, Netherlands / Born 1982, Kaohsiung, Taiwan) is a cellist, pianist, and technological performance artist. She focuses on the human body, movement, space and concentration. Her designs include e-textile costumes with reactive sound and light, breakable percussion instruments made out of sugar, and the "body cello" through which her own body becomes the instrument. Fu is a part of the iii instrument inventors collective, and holds a BA in Cello (Shih-Chien University, Taipei, 2006), an MA in Art Science (Royal Academy of Art The Hague, 2010) and an MA in Modern Music Theatre (Royal Conservatoire The Hague, 2018).

Rutger Muller (Maastricht, Netherlands / Born: 1984, Geleen, Netherlands) is an electro-acoustic composer who uses technology to explore sound and culture from a spectral (timbral) perspective. Besides composing contemporary music (alone or with classical instrumentalists), he makes chiptune music and is active in digital design and translation. He reviewed modern classical music for Bachtrack, organised concert series The Instrument Room, and collaborated with game designers, animators, fashion designers, choreographers, dancers, among others. Muller holds a BA in Multimedia Design (Avans University of Applied Sciences, Breda, 2008), and a BA + MA in Adaptive Sound Design and Composition (Utrecht University of the Arts, 2012).

Photo: Pieter Kers | Rewire Festival 2014, Den Haag | download high quality (15MB)

Founded in 2013, Rutger Muller Ensemble bases its music on ambient abstractions of all members' influences. The group therefore finds its strength in subtle fluctuations, counterpoints and historical references. Muller sets the composition process in motion by generating one or more drone layers, based on processed samples of acoustic instruments or found sounds. Subsequently, during rehearsals, Bode and Fu interact with this backdrop, and develop an improvisation idiom (sometimes based on theatrical roles). Parts of these studio recordings are processed and integrated into the base of the composition, until an ethereal sound world is crystallised. In concert, Muller adds transformation to the live improvisations of Bode and Fu, which feeds back into their inspiration. Through these circular processes, the compositions keep evolving. (Formerly known as Von Nohrfeldt Ensemble).

Processive I & II Suite

The composition/improvisation suite 'Processive I & II' (2 x 30 min) extracts a fragile, mystic soundscape from cultural, technological and psychological frictions. This fusion of meditative and uncanny elements evokes a spiritual environment, in which we can halt our ego-driven search for hierarchy: blurred are the borders between foreground, background, stability, chaos, time and space. This non-dualism also forms the core of the modular concert set-up: audience, performers, surround speakers, lights and architecture are enveloped together, to form a singular entity.

Footage: Konstantin Guz | Edit: Rutger Muller | Winternights 2017, AINSI, Maastricht
Footage: Konstantin Guz | Edit: Rutger Muller | Cultura Nova 2018, Maankwartier Heerlen
Version with Scarlett Choi (on gayageum) | Strange Fruit Seoul, South Korea

Photo: Moon Saris | Winternights 2017, AINSI, Maastricht | download high quality (9MB)
Image: Konstantin Guz | Winternights, AINSI, Maastricht | download high quality (15MB)
Photo: Moon Saris | Winternights 2017, AINSI, Maastricht | download high quality (11MB)


Album Art (Acrylic on Canvas Painting) Joeri Lefevre | download high quality (40MB PNG24)

Spectral mysticism oscillating between anarchy and spirituality, micro and macro cosmos, emotion and abstraction.

Protokols is, like most of Rutger Muller's electro-acoustic works, an exploration of contemporary mysticism: he aims to find catharsis in the dark energy between anxiety and spirituality. On this album, he superimposed elements of deep club music on the acoustic drones of 20th century spectral music, resulting in various avant-garde mutations of ambient-techno.

Through drone and ambient sounds, Muller wanted to reach beyond typical emotions, into the abstract, spiritual domain. But he didn't want to solely focus on music's tranquil qualities. Muller contrasted meditation with dissonance, distortion, instability and atonality - confronting the stress and complexity of contemporary culture, technology and life.

Techno’s patterns and rhythms are continuously pulsating and shifting, similar to how spectral music constantly morphs its intricately layered textures. Muller believes that both genres convey a sense of ‘ancient futurism’. They allow us to experience time and culture in an ambiguous, universal way.

Concert halls can sound like churches (or caves), clubs can feel like ancient temples, festivals can offer a sense of social ritualism. Muller feels that we need these safe havens to engage in modern mystical experiences. Only through freedom and anonymity can we (temporarily) step outside of society’s hierarchical control structures.

To really travel back in time and tap into the origins of mystic music, Muller worked with classical musicians interested in both ancient and contemporary music. Through improvisation (an art inherent to many kinds of ancient spiritual music), Josephine Bode (recorders, vocals), Wen Chin Fu (cello) and Christian Tan (double bass) added the acoustic, human intricacies of contemporary classical music, baroque music, early music, and more.

In 2014, Protokols was performed by Rutger Muller Ensemble in contemporary concert hall Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ in Amsterdam. Naivi built and coded an audio-reactive LED show for this performance. Several other (spatial) shows followed, like a performance with laser artist Vladimir Grafov in a factory hall in Moers (Germany).

Footage by: Justina Nekrasaite & Anastasija Pirozenko | The Rest Is Noise @ Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam
Video by Rutger Muller | Made with freeware: Sonic Visualiser & Acid Cam
Video by Rutger Muller | based on public domain ESA/Hubble footage
Photo: Anastasija Pirozenko | The Rest is Noise @ Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam | download high quality (20MB)

"Miles away from even a lot of the post-classical music you hear these days, this is driving, jazz-inflected experimental electronic music deeply rooted in classical instrumentation and form."
(Protokols demo)

"We were blown away by this ensemble."
(Rewire concert)

(Cynquery space video)

"Beautiful, elegant and mysterious."
(album demo)


Fluctuating between meditative gongs and overwhelming speedcore rhythms, the music and performance work Exorcism explores the possibility of an exorcistic ritual during an underground club night. While experimenting with fusions of extremely fast rhythms and meditative soundscapes, composer Rutger Muller started to question: can rhythms evoke a sense of exorcism by surpassing the threshold of rational understanding; can rhythm (paradoxically) demand us to let go of our sense of rhythm to be able to dance? Can we uncover the spiritual essence of an exorcism, free from our preconceived (religious) ideas? Can we dive deep into chaos and discover our own bodily expressions and rituals? Exorcism challenges dancers and performance artists to engage in those questions through the paradox of using control (ritual) to find ways to improvise (lose control).

Brussels-based performance artists André Chapatte and Nathaniel Moore are working with Rutger on a multi-sensory environment that reflects on the paradoxical social anonymity of club environments; the cathartic power of dark absurdity – or what we perhaps deem absurd before exploring it spiritually; our self-discovery through balancing subculture on intrinsic improvisation. More performers will be invited to step into the ritual in the future. A gong plays a central sonic role, as it fuses stability (a meditative ground tone) with chaos (complex cosmic overtones). Read more in this blog post: ‘Exorcism’ – Only Through Control We Can Lose It.

The composition was inspired by the overwhelmingly fast (300BPM+) rhythms of speedcore music (see for example DJ Mutante, Catscan, Nekrosystem, Gabba Front Berlin, Gridbug, Bart Hard). To mentally and physically take control of these rhythms, one has to lose control. Further influences of this electroacoustic composition come from noise music (such as Uboa) and black metal.

Promo/PR Downloads: Photos | Teaser | Trailer
Photos & Trailer credits: "Dancer: Nathaniel Moore. Mise-en-scène: Nathaniel Moore, André Chapatte, Rutger Muller. Edit and design by Rutger Muller. Video footage by Paul Caron."

Captures from video footage by Paul Caron | Cultura Nova Festival 2021, Parkstad Limburg Theater Heerlen

Listen to the full 16 minute composition 'Exorcism I' :

Below is an earlier/alternative version of the composition, called 'Rituem':

'Crypticism' for Ensemble 88

Mystic minimal composition 'Crypticism' (17 min), written for Ensemble 88 by electroacoustic composer Rutger Muller. The following recordings were made at the 30 year anniversary concerts of Ensemble 88.

Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen, December 9th 2018.
Intro in Situ, Maastricht, December 13th 2018.

Anne Davids: flute
Paul Pankert: violin
Els Crommen: soprano
Paula Defresne: contrabass-clarinet
Rutger Muller: composition, electronics, recording, artwork

Centre Henri Pousseur (Liège)
Intro in Situ (Maastricht)

Research on (Music) Game Interaction

Research on Emergent Improvisation for (Music) Games (2019, 2020)

Read my ongoing research aimed at challenging the lack of non-linear sound/music in music(al) games and interactive art installations. I'm proposing implementations of improvisation-focused interaction design and emergent (invention-focused) gameplay. By exploring the history of music games, and by comparison with examples of music from diverse (ancient) (sub)cultures, I philosophise about the spiritual roots of playfulness (and thus improvisation) to find inspiration and co-creative methods for innovative, inclusive interaction design.

LINK: "Expressive Interaction Design for Music Games: Emergence and Improvisation?"

Thresholder (2011)

Powered by game design and inspired by group improvisation, Thresholder is a mysterious musical playground that challenges groups of spontaneous players to discover the social dynamics and thresholds of musical communication. Its philosophy envisions a future in which playful improvisation becomes an integral part of public architecture and everyday life. And through a possible co-creation platform, Thresholder could invites composers and designers to help evolve the installation.

Photo: Joram Wolters | Born Digital's Freemote Festival 2011 | NUTRECHT | Utrecht | Netherlands


Game Design: Joram Wolters, Kenneth Nelson, Marc De Vreede, Arjen de Jong, Rutger Muller, Tommy Friedrichs, Bram Geerlings, Stijn Postmus, Daan van Hasselt, Falco Verholen, Tom van der Linden.
Sound Design: Rutger Muller.
Coding: Daan van Hasselt, Tommy Friedrichs, Bram Geerlings.
Illustration & Animation: Tom van der Linden, Falco Verholen, Stijn Postmus.
Documentation: Joram Wolters, Marc De Vreede, Rutger Muller.

Special thanks:
- Born Digital: Martin Boverhof, Koen van Lier
- BeamSystems
- Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht: Henk Fakkeldij, Marinka Copier
- Drivers: Wesley Schouten, Lianne Wolters
- Tech Support: Andrew Maimone

- Nomination SpinAwards 2012 Finals (category Young Talent Innovation)


GlitchHiker (2011)

Working from the Global Game Jam 2011 theme 'Extinction' we designed a game that runs on a system that can go extinct. By playing well you can save the system, by playing badly you take life from the system. When the system loses a life the game becomes more glitchy.

GlitchHiker received an honorable mention at the Independent Game Festival 2012 and was made by a team of six people:
Rami Ismail (Project Lead, Backend Dev, Web Dev)
Jan Willen Nijman (Game Design Lead, Game Dev, VFX Design)
Jonathan Barbosa Dijkstra (Game Design, Game Art)
Rutger Muller (Music, SFX,)
Paul Veer (Lead Game Art, Web Art)
– Laurens de Gier (Game Design, Visual Design, Visual Dev)

The music reacts to the visual glitches and to the player's skills. Our system of adaptive music does not work with queueing loops. Instead it works with three independent layers of music playing simultaneously, while their volumes are glitching responding to the gameplay. This results in direct musical feedback. It eliminated the need for traditional sound effects in most situations.

"GlitchHiker was a game that existed of two parts. The first part was the game itself, which you can see on the video. The second part was an online internet server that we called the SYSTEM. In the GAME, players collected coins with the GLITCHHIKER to score points in a single screen arena. They could dash by pressing 'X', but wouldn't be able to stop dashing until they hit a solid object. Non-solid grey blocks would be introduced frequently, and if a player collected a coin near those, the grey blocks would turn into coins to score chains or combos of coins. However, if a grey block remained for a short while, it would turn black and solid. The black blocks would frequently turn into red blocks that would introduce a vertical or horizontal disturbance in the game. After a short period, the disturbance would execute and kill anything within it - including the GLITCHHIKER if it happened to stand there.

The SYSTEM was the second part. When the SYSTEM started at 15:00, it had a hundred lives. Every time a player played GlitchHiker and died, a life was deducted from the system. For every hundred points a player scored in GlitchHiker, a life was added. Summarized, everyone who did not score at least a hundred lives was decreasing the amounts of lives available to the SYSTEM. The more lives were deducted from the pool, the less healthy the game became. Graphical glitches were introduced, the audio started glitching and black blocks started shifting around, introducing distraction in the game. When the SYSTEM would reach zero lives, the game would shut down an go extinct. The game would no longer be playable. Despite the valiant attempts by some players at saving the SYSTEM, which had already taken quite a hit during the GGJ event, at 21:41PM the SYSTEM executed its inevitable task and GlitchHiker shut down."

Other Works

Music & Video by Rutger Muller
Music by Rutger Muller & Marcos Baggiani (drums) | Video by Rutger Muller


Avant-Garde Clubmix #1 is a vision of an alternate clubbing-reality. This experiment's hypothesis is: the drive of techno is not only rooted in rhythmic pulse, but in wide frequency spectrums, repetitions and silences. Dancing is good, but how can we add another dimension to clubbing? (Features techno, dub, breakcore, IDM, classical, jazz, avant-garde, ambient, etc.)

Calendar & History

26.Feb.2022 Intro in Situ,
AINSI, Maastricht, Netherlands

"Exorcism" /w Nathaniel Moore (BE/USA) and André Chapatte (BE/CH/USA)

4-5.Aug.2021 Cultura Nova,
Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen, Netherlands

"Exorcism" /w Nathaniel Moore (BE/USA)

Exorcism | Image by Rutger Muller | Includes footage taken by Paul Caron | Cultura Nova 2021 @ Parkstad Limburg Theater, Heerlen

15.Dec.2019 MUTEK.JP, EdgeOf, Tokyo, Japan
"Digilab: AI Music Lab"

17.Nov.2019 MUTEK.JP, EdgeOf, Tokyo, Japan
"AI Music Lab - Jam"

12.May.2019 Ruisburo @ De Ruimte, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Processive II & Invocation I" /w Dodó Kis (recorders)

4.May.2019 Festival Images Sonores
Musée de la Boverie, Liège, Belgium

"Crypticism" surround Composition for Ensemble 88

16.Apr.2019 Intro in Situ, Maastricht, Netherlands
"Rituem" (electroacoustic solo)

19.Mar.2019 Futuroscoop - 15 Jaar Technasium
Amsterdome, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Penduliack" from the "Processive" album,
/w Wen Chin Fu (cello) & Vladimir Grafov (lasers)

24.Jan.2019 Kernel Panic
Studio Loos, Den Haag, Netherlands

"Rituem" (electroacoustic solo) surround

Photo: Luc Lodder | Cultura Nova 2018 @ Maankwartier, Heerlen

13.Dec.2018 Ensemble 88 Jubileumconcert
Intro in Situ, Muziekgieterij, Maastricht, Netherlands

"Crypticism" surround Composition for Ensemble 88

9.Dec.2018 Ensemble 88 Jubileumconcert
Parkstad Limburg Theater, Limburgzaal, Heerlen, Netherlands

"Crypticism" surround Composition for Ensemble 88

18.Nov.2018 Intro in Situ, Muziekgieterij, Maastricht, Netherlands
"Processive I & II" surround by Rutger Muller Ensemble (/w J. Bode & W.C. Fu)

31.Oct.2018 TEDxAmsterdamED "Dutch DNA: Future proof"
"Penduliack" from the "Processive" album by Rutger Muller Ensemble
(/w Josephine Bode & Wen Chin Fu) & Vladimir Grafov (lasers)

8+9.Sep.2018 Open Monumentendagen, Roepaen, Gennep, Netherlands
"Processive I & II" surround by Rutger Muller Ensemble (/w J. Bode & W.C. Fu)

27.Aug.2018 Cultura Nova, Heerlen, Netherlands
"Processive I & II" surround by Rutger Muller Ensemble (/w J. Bode & W.C. Fu)

19.Aug.2018 Strange Fruit Seoul, South Korea
"Processive I & II" improv /w Scarlett Choi (Korean traditional Gayageum)

18.Aug.2018 니트 KNEET, Seoul, South Korea
"Rituem" (laptop compsition/improvisation)

6.Aug.2018 Art Factory, Deagu, South Korea
"Protokols" surround in the listening space of the
International Computer Music Conference 2018

12.Jul.2018 Vensters, Nieuw & Meer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Soundscapes for "And They Were Out" by Muge Yilmaz

30.Jun.2018 ExtraSchicht, Moers, Germany
"Protokols" surround /w Josephine Bode & Vladimir Grafov (lasers)

19.May.2018 Moers Festival, Moers, Germany
"Indoor Swimming Pool Improv" /w D. Kis, F. Stachelhaus, V. Grafov, J. Bode

09.May.2018 Thomas Schiela Expo, Moers, Germany
Improv & "Processive" surround /w Josephine Bode

24.Apr.2018 St. Josef Kirche, Moers, Germany
"Processive" surround by R.M. Ensemble (/w Bode & Fu) + Grafov (lasers)

22.Apr.2018 Intro in Situ, Maastricht, Netherlands
"Processive I & II" surround by R.M. Ensemble (/w J. Bode & W. Fu)

13.Apr.2018 Museumnacht, Sjoen Limburg, Maastricht, Netherlands
Experimental surround A/V

18.Mar.2018 NEVERNEVERLAND at De Punt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Protokols" VS "Breathe" surround A/V-club collab /w Minhong Yu

10.Mar.2018 Broedplaats ACTA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Experimental composition/improvisation

Photo: Anastasija Pirozenko | The Rest is Noise @ Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam | download high quality (10MB)

16.Dec.2017 Winternights, AINSI, Maastricht, Netherlands
"Processive" surround by R.M. Ensemble (/w J. Bode & W. Fu)

01.Dec.2017 The Flying Land 逆旅之域, Quartair, The Hague, Netherlands
"Processive" by R.M. Ensemble (/w J. Bode & W. Fu)

October.2017 Ode to Dignity, Maastricht, Netherlands
A project by community-composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven
I was workshop leader at schools and group leader during the concert.

17.Oct.2017 Intro In Situ, Maastricht, Netherlands
Experimental surround

07.Oct.2017 Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium
Sound Design 5-channel for opera-installation Aria Di Potenza by Krystian Lada Live electronics collab with /w Nina Fukuoka, Katarina Glowicka

04.Oct.2017 Villa K, The Hague, Netherlands
Improv & Processive /w Wen Chin Fu

Sept.2017 Design4MusicX, Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Student group tutor for Fontys ICT's Design4MusicX; building interactive sound installations.

10.Mar.2017 Eighteen 29 Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Experimental Solo

08.Jan.2017 Van Onderen, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Protokols" /w Wen Chin Fu

Photo: Anastasija Pirozenko | The Rest is Noise @ Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam | download high quality (30MB)

2.Dec.2016 First Friday #2, Corrosia Theatre, Almere, Netherlands
Collab with Janina Freye (art), Marcos Baggiani (drums) and DJ+.

30.Apr.2016 De Ruimte, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Improv /w T. Ham, R. v. Dillewijn, J. Diepenmaat

29.Nov.2015 The Instrument Room, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Processive" /w Rutger Muller Ensemble

21.Nov.2015 Le Mini Who, Koffie Leute, Utrecht, Netherlands
"Processive" /w Rutger Muller Ensemble

15.Nov.2015 Vera, Groningen, Netherlands
DJ Set @ Afterparty NNO In The Club (invited by Thijs Noisia)

14.Nov.2015 Bookstore Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Poetic soundscape for "The Water, The Soil, The Jungle",
solo exhibition of Muge Yilmaz

07.Nov.2015 Rewire Festival, Prins 29, The Hague, Netherlands
"Protokols" /w Rutger Muller Ensemble + Naivi (LED visuals)

28.Sep.2015 Splendor, Amsterdam, Netherlands

23-Jul-2015 Bolzano Danza / Tans Bozen, Ortisei, Italy
'Into Another Body' dance /w Anastasia Kostner, Maarten v.d. Glas

25-Jul-2015 Ater Teater, Corvara, Italy
'Into Another Body' dance /w Anastasia Kostner, Maarten v.d. Glas

26-Jul-2015 Ater Teater, San Martin, Italy
'Into Another Body' dance /w Anastasia Kostner, Maarten v.d. Glas

03.Apr.2015 Obscure Times, Vondelbunker, Netherlands

08.Feb.2015 Contemporary Dance Platform, Utrecht, Netherlands
The Boiler Room improv /w Marisa Grande, Iris van Peppen,
Sarah Kate Gardiner, Dodó Kis

07.Feb.2015 Hausse III, Brebl, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Experimental /w Mattheis

29.Jan.2015 aXolot Versus, STEIM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
/w Felipe Ignacio Noriega Alcaraz, Müşfik Can Müftüoğlu,
Josephine Bode, Sarah Jeffrey, Dodó Kis

Photo: Anastasija Pirozenko | The Rest is Noise @ Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam | download high quality (15MB)

19.Dec.2014 The Rest Is Noise, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Protokols" /w Rutger Muller Ensemble + Naivi (LED visuals)

16.Nov.2014 4DSOUND Hacklab, Compagnietheater, Amsterdam, Netherlands
(Coded Matters) Experimental surround /w Rinske Bosma

05.Jun.2014 White Label Coffee, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Protokols" /w Rutger Muller Ensemble

19.Apr.2014 SOTU Festival, OT301, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Protokols" /w Rutger Muller Ensemble

20.Mar.2014 Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Protokols" /w Rutger Muller Ensemble

17.Mar.2014 Oorsprong, Poortgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Group improv curated by Iris van Peppen /w Jacky Sawatzky, Ben Wallet

03.Mar.2014 Monday Match, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Group improv curated by Josephine Bode & Marc Nukoop ... /w Charlotte Mathiessen, Donald Fleming, Alfredo Fernandez, Aida Guirro Salinas, Kristien Sonnevijlle, Annie Tangberg, Sarah Jeffrey, Mateusz Pulawski, Ellen Knops

Photo: Anastasija Pirozenko | The Rest is Noise @ Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam | download high quality (18MB)

21.Jan.2013 Antartica, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Protokols" /w Josephine Bode

02.Sep.2012 Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Muziekhuis, Utrecht, Netherlands

7-11.Dec.2011 Born Digital: Freemote, Nutrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
'Thresholder' (F.K.A. ALT-30) - playful installation for group improvisation.
/w Daan van Hasselt, Joram Wolters, Tom vd Linden, Kenneth Nelson,
Marc de Vreede, Arjen de Jong, Tommy Friedrichs, Bram Geerlings,
Falco Verholen, Stijn Postmus.

05.Feb.2011 Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands
'The Young Shaman Perspective' by Rubin van Kooyk
/w Y. Riad, C. Carvalho, J. Drescher, J. Debey, T. Fujimoto

22.Dec.2010 WEI, Eindhoven, Netherlands
'The Young Shaman Perspective' by Rubin van Kooyk
/w Y. Riad, C. Carvalho, J. Drescher, J. Debey, T. Fujimoto

20.Dec.2010 STEIM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
'The Young Shaman Perspective' by Rubin van Kooyk
/w Y. Riad, C. Carvalho, J. Drescher, J. Debey, T. Fujimoto

July.2010 Corrosia, Almere, Netherlands
"Lost Devices" speakers-in-water installation with Sander Haakman

23-26.Jun.2010 Tik van de Molen, Kaag en Braassem, Netherlands
"Lost Devices" speakers-in-water installation with Sander Haakman

23.May.2010 Best of HKU Proeflokaal, Theater Kikker, Utrecht, Netherlands
"Patroon A" /w Dianne Verdonk

13.May.2010 HKU "Klankontwerp" Concert, Zaal 100, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Patroon A" /w Dianne Verdonk

Photo: Anastasija Pirozenko | Rewire Festival 2014, Den Haag | download high quality (18MB)


Rutger Muller

● Former Artistic Developer at Intro in Situ
● Freelance Composer / Sound Designer / Performer / Ensemble Leader
● Freelance Interaction / Multimedia Designer and Quality Assurance Tester
● Freelance Translator (mostly EN-NL)
● Founder of Bepakt (currently offline), an open knowledge base on all zero-waste supermarkets

● Born January 5th 1984 in Geleen, Netherlands
● Living in Maastricht, Netherlands
● +31650824571

● Community College: ICT (MBO4+, Arcus, 2001)
↳ Internship: Network Admin at Graaf Huyn College (Geleen, 2002)
● Bachelor of Arts: Multimedia Design (Avans, 2008)
↳ Internship: Assistant at Headland (Amsterdam, 2006)
↳ Internship: Designer at L1 Radio en Televisie (Maastricht, 2007)
↳ Minors: Design & Culture (University of Tilburg, 2006)
● Bachelor of Arts: Sound Design & Composition (With Honors, HKU 2012)
↳ Internship: Surround Composer and Assistant at Rot8ion (Eindhoven, 2011)
● Master of Arts: Music, Design and Culture (HKU, 2012)

● Producer / Composer / Musician / Improviser in various (semi-) electronic music projects
(e.g Rutger Muller Ensemble, AuxPulse, Hypnotic School and Diskette Deluxe)
● Freelance Artist & (Sound) Designer (about 50 projects since 2010)
● Hackathon / Design Jam Participant (8 times, 3 awards won, 1 honorable mention)
● Workshop-Leader / Guest Lecturer (about 10 times)
● Concert organiser / booker / promoter (The Instrument Room) (10+ events)
● Long-time contributor to (600+ samples)
Web Designer (20+ websites)
Music Journalist (5+ jobs)
● Translator EN-NL (30+ jobs) [mostly via Languagewire agency]
● Drummer in various bands

Interactive Sound Design (selection):
● UniTie (Wolfsbloem)
● GlitchHiker (Youtube, Press)
● Chime Multiplayer (Info & Video)
● Thresholder

Support & Residencies:
Creative Industries Fund NL - Voucher for MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab at EdgeOf and Keio University SFC, Japan (2019)
Creative Industries Fund NL - Voucher for Protokols at ICMC, South Korea (2018)
Intro In Situ - Artist in Residence at production house in Maastricht, NL (2017-Now)
STEIM - Part of Sarah Jeffrey's residency 'aXolot Versus' (2015)
Paradise Air - Short Residency in Matsudo, Japan (2016) [listen on freesound]
Greenhost - Sponsorship for hosting Bepakt research project about zero-waste (2017-now)
Massive Music - Signed Hypnotic School (2014) and Diskette Deluxe tracks (2017)
Play Asia - Sponsorship for DS-10 Dominator in Japan and Hong Kong (2010)

Design Sprints (Hackathons, Game Jams, etc.):
● ICMC Hacklab (Samsung Creative Campus, Daegu, South Korea, 2018)
↳ 2nd place award - for social robot prototype
● Operadagen Rotterdam 2015, workshop on Music Theatre with Paul Koek
● Global Game Jam (Utrecht, Netherlands, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2017)
↳ GlitchHiker took the 1st place award for best Dutch entry of 2011, and received an honorable mention at the Independent Game Festival 2012
● Playful Jam New Gameground (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005)
● 4DSOUND Spatial Hacklab (Amsterdam Dance Event & Fiber, Netherlands, 2014)
● Control Gamelab (2012) & Hyper Game Jam (2012) (Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam)
↳ 1st place award - for Gamelab composition

Lectures, Workshops, Mentoring:
● Mentor for "I want to be like you" by NKK NXT (of Nederlands Kamer Koor) and Patrick Housen (2019)
● Mentor at Design4MusicXperiences by Fontys ICT and Effenaar Smart Venue (Eindhoven, 2017)
● Workshop leader at schools for Ode to Dignity (Maastricht, NL, 2017) by Merlijn Twaalfhoven
● Portfolio presentation at Musashino Art University (Tokyo, Japan, 2016)
● Guest lectures at HKU - University of the Arts Utrecht (NL, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Clients | Sound Design:
TU Delft, KORG, Toyota, Philips, PSV, Somfy, Anouk Wipprecht,, Random Studio, Your Majesty, Resn, Brandspanking, Filmding, Klik! Animatiefestival, A Lab, Noralie, Sjush, De Monsters, Filmding, Misiconi, Anastasia Kostner

Clients | Webdesign:
Rutger Muller (HTML, Photoshop)
Josephine Bode (Cargo)
Nina Funk (HTML)
Beter Kijken (Wordpress)
Bepakt (Wordpress, HTML)

Clients | Quality Assurance of Webdesign:
NPO, Triodos, KLM, Tommy Hilfiger, Raf Simons, Verizon, Panera, Samsung, Dove, Rémy Martin, Random Studios, Resn, Your Majesty Amsterdam, Twofish

Other qualifications:
● TEFL certified (for English teaching) via The TEFL Academy
● Driver's license

● Fluent: Dutch, English
● Good: German
● Beginner: French, Japanese (4 courses completed)


+316 50 82 45 71


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