Rutger... is my name. I'm a music composer/producer + (sound) designer from Amsterdam. [MA Music Technology, 2012] On this website I'm showcasing my best work in a variety of genres, from electronic to classical.

YES - I am available for freelance work!
Extensive CV - LinkedIn
Compact CV - PDF
+316 50 82 45 71
Composition / sound design for theatre and installation. Left: Interactive music for installation ALT-30. Right: Clashlight, the opening show for Glow Festival 2013, themed after 100 years PSV Football Club + the evolution of Philips lighting.
Official demos for KORG iPad-Synthesizers iMS-20 and iPolysix. (I was the only non-Japanese person involved)
COMPOSITION STUDIES (Just for practice, NOT official!) Left: Audi / Right: Specsavers.
Music composition / sound design for video and games. Left: Music and sound for Zure Melk (short film). Right: Sound Effects for Kids VS Goblins (iOS Game)
Music and sound for (interactive) media. Left: a funky tune for Max Havelaar / Fair Trade. Right: GlitchHiker (Global Game Jam awards winning game): all the instruments interact with the gameplay in real time.
Von Nohrfeldt... is my most personal music project, blurring the lines between 20th century classical music and 21st century electronic music. I've worked with several classical musicians. Listen to the 5 track demo on

Hypnotic School is an electronica/pop band with members in Amsterdam and Istanbul. My roles are co-composer, keyboard player, mixing engineer and producer/editor of videos.

AuxPulse and DS-10 Dominator (semi-finalist Grote Prijs van NL)... are projects in which I use the Nintendo DS to improvise live dance music. I've toured the UK and Japan with this project. AuxPulse is a duo together with Michael Vultoo. We released our first album in Stedelijk Museum.,