Rutger Muller
Curriculum Vitae 

Active in Music | Multimedia | Journalism
Born 1984, Geleen, Netherlands | Living in Amsterdam

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Photo of Rutger Muller
						(made by Raluca Tudorache)

As a music composer, sound designer, video editor, music journalist, QA tester, translator (EN-NL, NL-EN) and small event organizer I work with a wide variety of international clients from the field of arts, business, fashion and education.

When it comes to autonoumous arts, I'm an MA graduated composer of contemporary electronic and classical music (HKU 2012), with a deep interest in interactivity/improvisation and the effects of digital globalisation/automation on arts and spirituality. My main project is R-Muller (formerly named Von Nohrfeldt / Cultsys): electronic/classical compositions that contrast ancient and contemporary spiritual sound. This also relates to multiplayer audio/video installation Thresholder.
Rutger Muller - Untitled Surrealist Photoshop Work
"Rutger Muller - The Room" - click to view all my visual artworks

Autonomous Pseudonyms & Collaborative Projects

R-Muller R-Muller []
(formerly named Von Nohrfeldt / Cultsys)
Contemporary classical-electronic compositions. Often collaborating with Kim-José Bode (recorders) and Wen Chin Fu (cello).

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ The Rest Is Noise
Rewire Festival SOTU - Sounds Of The Underground
Hypnotic School Hypnotic School []
Dutch-Turkish collaborative studio project for groovy pop music with dreamy electronic experiments. Featuring Nil Ipek Hulagu, Can Aydinoglu, Michael Vultoo and me.

AuxPulse AuxPulse
Live Acid Techno and IDM duo with Michael Vultoo. Album Dream Stages was composed / improvised 100% on Nintendo DS, using the virtual modular synthesizer KORG DS-10. It was released during 'play it!' in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Watch 'Transgressive' on Youtube.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Le Klub - Paris
Diskette Deluxe Diskette Deluxe
My modern spin on authentic vintage computer music, mainly inspired by the Commodore Amiga and Sega Megadrive. Listen to the 'Space Tourism' album, released on Cheapbeats (Tokyo).
Album: Diskette Deluxe - Space Tourism
								(Cheapbeats, Japan) Chiptune Label 'Cheapbeats' (Japan)
DS-10 Dominator DS-10 Dominator
Live dance music on Virtual Modular Synthesizer KORG DS-10 for Nintendo DS. Played live in Japan, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Macedonia. Listen to the Discographys on Bandcamp.
DS-10 Dominator - International Concert Highlights


HKU University of the Arts Utrecht /
						Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht MA Music Technology, 2008 - 2012, HKU: University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands. (Simultaneously with BA.)
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht /
						Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht BA Sound Design and Composition for Adaptive Systems, 2008 - 2012, HKU: University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands.
Tilburg University Minors in Design & Culture, 2006, University of Tilburg, Netherlands.
Avans Hogeschool Breda BA Communication & Multimedia Design, 2003 - 2008, Avans Hogeschool, Breda, Netherlands.
Arcus College Heerlen MBO4+ ICT Administrator, 2001 - 2003, Arcus College, Heerlen, Netherlands.

Attended Residencies / Workshops / Hack Labs

PARADISE AIR 2016, Matsudo, Japan - PARADISE AIR - short-stay artist residency. I recorded sounds in prefectures Tokyo and Chiba... more information about this project is coming soon!
Operadagen Rotterdam 2015, Operadagen Rotterdam - Workshops with Paul Koek - End-presentation for representatives of the Münchener Biennale.
4DSOUND Spatial Hack Lab 2014, Amsterdam Dance Event - 4DSOUND Spatial Sound Hack Lab - CDM - Fiber Festival - Compagnietheater - Created a spatial sound effect and performed with cellist Rinske Bosma.
STEIM 2015, Amsterdam Dance Event - ADE Soundlab - STEIM - Native Instruments - "Hypothetical Instrument Building Workshop" - Worked on prototyping techniques for futuristic instruments.
Trio aXolot 2015, Amsterdam - STEIM - Axolot VERSUS [Video] Contemporary electronic musicians Musfik Can Muftuoglu, Felipe Ignacio Noriega and Rutger Muller worked with contemporary recorder trio Axolot on an exclusive concert. I built an acoustic, motorised instrument, using bass transducers.
Global Game Jame 2010 + 2011, Hilversum - Global Game Jam - Utrecht School of the Arts - in 2011 our team won with GlitchHiker, an innovative glitch arcade game with an interactive soundtrack.
Playful Jam 2015, Amsterdam - Playful Jam - Playful Arts Festival - Theatre De Brakke Grond.
Control Gamelab 2012, Amsterdam - Control Jam - Control Game Industry Magazine - Pakhuis De Zwijger.
Gamelab #5: Composed game trailer music in 1.5 Hours [video]
Gamelab #2: Composed music for game jam in Two Hours, with Vlambeer. [video]
Zoey Foundation for Arts and Culture 2009, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia - Zoey Foundation for Arts & Culture - Utrecht School of The Arts - "Technology Penetrates Tradition" - Improvising with classical/traditional musicians.

Music Event Organising

The Instrument Room The Instrument Room - A monthly intimate concert series in Amsterdam, which recently passed its 10th edition. I do the curation, artist communication, sound tech, and marketing.

Artists booked: Naomi Sato (Japan), Harrie Starreveld, Dianne Verdonk, Hans Leeuw, Bernhard Hollinger (Germany), Pieter Willems, silkvvorms (Lithuania), Turkish music school Amor Muzik Okulu, nunq, Zvov (Israel), My Little Phoney, Terugklap, The Kewis, Mosa Rook, The Avonden, The Kewis...

> Supported by The Bookstore Project.
> Check the the Facebook page.

Interactive Art

Into Another Body 2015, Into Anther Body (V4.0) [Video Coming Soon] - A/V dance performance with interaction designer / VJ Maarten van der Glas and contemporary dancer Anastasia Kostner. Performed at Tanz Bozen / Bolzano Danza (Italy), and other places in the Italian Alps.
Thresholder (photo: Joram Wolters) 2012, Thresholder [YOUTUBE VIDEO] - Planning to upgrade it with creative coder Daan van Hasselt. The installation is large-surface (10X10M), body-controlled (Kinect), multiplayer (up to 8), with interactive music and visuals. Exhibited at Born Digital festival, Utrecht, Netherlands.
GlitchHiker 2011, GlitchHiker [YOUTUBE VIDEO] - cloud-controlled arcade game (Windows only), created at Global Game Jam 2011. Features a gameplay-reactive soundtrack. More info in the Youtube description and on the Vlambeer website.

Commissioned Composition / Sound Design (selection)

Toyota Avalon launch at 
						Art Basel 2016, Toyota Avalon launch at Art Basel [YOUTUBE VIDEO] - Composed 6 pieces of music (synth pop, ambient, eastern, tribal) for projection mappings by Naïvi.
Sagawa Museum Kids' Exhibition 2016, Sagawa Art Museum [YOUTUBE VIDEO] - Arranged the music and made the sound design for a kids' exhibition commercial. Directed by Masahiro Koga.
Somfy:The Art Of Motion 2016, Anouk Wipprecht for Somfy: The Art of Motion [VIDEO] - Composed 2 pieces of music for a high-tech fashion show developed by Anouk Wipprecht for Somfy.
Valentine Berning: Get Connected 2015, Get Connected - Dance club oriented theatre show by Valentine Berning, with visuals of VJ Sjush. Performed across the Netherlands in for example club Sugar Factory and at Solar Weekend.
Clashlight in PSV Stadium 2013, Clashlight - for 100 years PSV-Philips [VIDEO]. Sound design for big light show in PSV Football Stadium, Made with Noralie and Afterlight for GLOW Eindhoven 2013.
Kids VS Goblins 2011, Kids VS Goblins (iOS Game) [YOUTUBE VIDEO]. Sound design (sound effects, such as weapons, explosions, grunts) for this iOS Game by Stolen Couch Games.
Lost Devices 2011, Lost Devices - Made with Sander Haakman - Floating speaker, exhibited at festival 'Tik van De Molen' and Corrosia in Almere, Netherlands.

Lectures / Educational / Open Content

Musashino Art University 2016 - Musashino Art University (Japan) - Sound design portfolio presentation for design students. Part of my short artist residency at PARADISE AIR (Matsudo, Japan).
Operadagen Rotterdam 2016 2016, Operadagen Rotterdam Pitched the R-Muller techno-opera Protokols for at Operatie Muziektheater in Stadsschouwburg Rotterdam.
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht / Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht 2015 - HKU: University of the Arts Utrecht -
Lecture for MA Students on classical-electronic crossover.
2014 - HKU: University of the Arts Utrecht -
Presentation of work and workfield to 2nd year students.
Incubate 2012 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival - After-School Avant-Garde - Demonstrating KORG DS-10 handheld synthesizer to teenagers.
The Bookstore Project 2015 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - The Bookstore Project - Sound design portfolio presentation for artist community. 2011, 2012, 2013 - - Co-founder (with Harley Raine Martin) of discussion platform about Nintendo DS synthesizer KORG DS-10. In the end over 10.000 posts. Bandcamp label still online. I'm sharing 400+ Free Samples on
Many field recordings. All public domain, meaning: for any use (commercial/non-commercial).

Written Articles and Reviews

DJBroadcast 2016 - DJBroadcast - Article about classical and electronic music.
Bachtrack 2011, 2012, 2013 - Bachtrack - Reviews of (modern) classical concerts in Amsterdam.
Wikipedia 2013 (mostly) - Wikipedia: Murcof - 90% written by me, I also designed the timeline graphic.

Internships (selection)

Rot8ion / Collider 2011 - Rot8ion - Production and marketing of Live A/V Surround Productions.
L1 Reclameproducties 2007, 2008 - L1 Reclameproducties - Concepting, Video Editing, Graphic Design.

Summary Freelance Music Composition & Sound Design

My clients / agencies / art directors...
KORG Naïvi Brandspanking VJ Sjush De Monsters Anouk Wipprecht Ineke Goes DPI Animation House Shoebox Diorama / Daniel Ernst Valentine Berning Stolen Couch Games Business Models Inc. Müge Yilmax Animu Dance Company / Anastasia Kostner Detune ltd.

End products (video, mobile app, projection mapping, etc.) were made for...
Toyota Somfy Philips PSV KPN Glow Festival Klik Animatiefestival Hogeschool Rotterdam Makro Babybel La Vache Qui Rit OTIB: Opleidings- en ontwikkelingsfonds voor het Technisch InstallatieBedrijf Herman Miller

Freelance Quality Assurance Testing

Writing clear reports about the user experience of websites used on various devices and computers.

My clients (interactive design agencies):
KORG Resn Amsterdam
Tested websites/campaigns:
Triodos Bank 2015 - Triodos | '5 Dingen' sustainable banking campaign
Subaru: Zero Landfill 2015 - Subaru | Zero Landfill (award winner)
Remy Martin 2015 - Remy Martin | New Website for timeless cognac brand
Tommy Hilfiger 2015 - Tommy Hilfiger | Digital Showroom system for European head office
KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) 2015 - KLM | ...

Software / Instrument Skills

Electronic Music Production
- Ableton Live, Synthesizers, Microphones, etc.
Expert (10+ Years)

Video Editing
- Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere
Advanced (8 Years)

Photo Editing
- Adobe Photoshop
Expert (10+ Years)

Drums and Percussion
Advanced (10+ Years)

Keyboards + Guitar


Language Proficiency

Spoken: native/fluent
Written: native/fluent

Spoken: expert/fluent
Written: expert/fluent

Listening: advanced
Speaking: intermediate
Writing: intermediate

Course 1, 2, 3 finished, and continuing to learn.

Rutger Muller - Untitled Glitch Art 5
Rutger Muller - Untitled Glitch Art 2
Rutger Muller - Untitled Glitch Art 4
Rutger Muller - Untitled Glitch Art 6
Rutger Muller - Untitled Glitch Art 3
Rutger Muller - Untitled Glitch Art 8
Rutger Muller - Untitled Glitch Art 9
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